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WELCOME! We are at your service...

We are breeding for Elite fineness that lasts a lifetime. Our farm motto "Refining fleeces one cria at a time" simply means that every breeding is planned meeting our standards of Royal or Baby fineness with low variation between primary and secondary fibers, that also exhibit fine crimp, shiny brightness, and excellent density. We enjoy having a colorful herd that have all of these qualities.
We are extremely proud that our total average fiber diameter in our breeding females (all colors) is an impressive 21.14 with the average age being 5.94 years! Our total average males fiber diameter is also an impressive 21.18 (all colors) with an average age of 6.44 years!
Our farm also includes longwool sheep and angora rabbits. We are passionate about our fibers!! :)

REFINE your herd in 2015- Break through the fiber barriers, not the bank!
Snowmass Legacy Gold son!


!!! Please note that as of 1-5-2016 I am still working on getting my email program working again!! Please contact me through phone/ext 574-903-6831 or through facebook. Sorry for any inconvenience!!! !!!

At Alpacas of Alagaesia, it is our goal to have and to offer to you alpacas with elite fiber qualities, natural colors, strong conformation and health, in addition to a "typey" look that you just want to hug! We want to stay small enough to be able to offer the best of care to our animals and to offer our best service to you as a client and a friend.

What does all of this mean for you???


**Any alpaca purchased from us is an exceptional value! As the market moves more and more towards the highest quality fleeces for end products, you can rest assured that your breeding alpacas from us are capable of keeping up with the market over the years to come. We have a lot of pride in being able to offer elite quality alpacas to our customers for their own herd advancement.

**We are also very proud to have alpacas available at very reasonable prices for their quality. We reward our customers with discounts on breedings in addition to any free breedings they are entitled to. We like being able to offer many choices in herdsires from very diverse, top notch genetics. We have a big farm herdsire lineup but with small farm attention! Best of all...YOU WON'T BE BREAKING THE BANK!!!!!!

**Start-up farms can rest easy knowing we are just a phone call away for any questions they may have concerning their alpacas health, breeding, or care, as well as questions on business plans, marketing their new farm, farm layouts, etc! If we don't know an answer, we will find one out for you!

**Maintaining a small herd means our alpacas get a lot of individual attention daily. This provides you with an alpaca that can be handled easily and most likely enjoys a good neck scratch or back rub in addition to those cherished paca-kisses!

We are currently offering economy boosting breeding specials which can save you a lot! We are very proud to offer a wide array of colors, and top, award winning bloodlines so that our clients won't need to worry about becoming "line-locked" when beginning and growing their farms.
Call Leann to see how much she can save you on your breedings today!

We are now offering handspinning services for your fibers! No minimum size limits and we have different styles to chose from! Feel like learning how to make your own rovings and yarn? Call Leann to learn about our free classes!
Be sure to check out I-LOVE-ALPACAS.COM if you want to add some alpaca to your life! We offer everything from fleeces to yarn to hats to socks and much, much more!!

Take A Test Drive!
Have you always wanted to have alpacas but wish you could try them out before buying?
Take our alpacas for a test drive!
Being originally from Missouri, I understand "Show Me"! We are invi

Every situation is unique and we are willing to create terms to fit your needs!
We take PayPal too! Want to trade???? Tell us what you have and we might deal! Ideas we may trade for are rovings, yarn, or finished products, truck, car, tractor, fencing supplies, fiber art tools, ...basically anything that could be of use to our farm we might be interested in!

Brokering is one of the many things that we can do for you as a buyer and a seller. We will take the needs of our clients and try to find them the perfect solution. Leann is a linechaser with an eye for quality and for value...Call Leann when you feel ready to share your hopes and dreams and let's make them a reality!